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Healthy, tasty & easy recipes on a budget

Ahoy there busy mums! You don't need bags of time, experience & money to make great meals. Check out my easy-to-follow tasty and easy budget recipes. When you feel the pinch look out for 'Credit Munch' recipes. Delicious, nutritious and easy budget recipes below £1.25 per serving!


Entries in cheese (19)


Deconstructed Chilli Philly Sandwich

Take a block of Philadelphia soft cheese. Pour over sweet chilli sauce. Scoop it up and eat. No cooking, no utensils, no washing up. What's not to love?

Time:  5 minutes
Cost:  32p per serving
Calories:  89 per serving

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Rhubarb and Custard Cheesecake

This Rhubarb and Custard Cheesecake is so easy that kids can make it with a little help.  It's also surprisingly light for a cheesecake, making it a good post-roast dessert.

Time:  30 minutes hands on time plus chilling time
Cost:  52p per serving
Calories:  402 per serving

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Pork, Apple and Cheddar Burgers

Pork, apple and cheese are three ingredients which always work well together. Throw them together with a few herbs and you've got some seriously good burgers.

Time:  10 mins prep, 30 mins chilling, 10-12 mins cooking
Cost:  78p per burger*
Calories:  185 per burger*

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Turkey Calzone

Turkey Calzone look fairly impressive, but they are surprisingly easy to make. Swap veggies for any you fancy and chilli for grown ups. Just add salads for a delicious meal.

Time:  25 mins prep + 20 mins cooking
Cost:  £1.98 per serving
Calories:  593 per serving

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Phil Vickery's Gruyere Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Tomato Relish

Here is a recipe for possibly the most delicious turkey burgers I have ever tasted, and I got to make them along the lovely Phil Vickery in this video!

Time: 20 mins prep + 10 mins cooking + 30 mins chilling
Cost: £1.16 per serving
Calories: 464 per serving

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Mini Cheese and Basil Pancakes

Mini Cheese and Basil Pancakes are really simple and make a great savoury snack. Try them topped with relish. If you are not keen on basil, use another herb.

Time:  15 minutes from start to finish
Cost:  4p per pancake*
Calories:  34 per pancake*

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