How to Choose, Store, Prepare & Serve Raspberries


When to buy raspberries:

Raspberry season is late June - early September in the UK. Most of the raspberries we buy during this time come from Scotland where the climate is perfect for them.

How to choose raspberries:

Go for plump and dry raspberries, with a good shape and bright even colour. Raspberries with their hulls attached have been picked too early so will be under-ripe and tart. Have a good look at the box and check for any mushy or mouldy berries.

How to store raspberries:

Remove any mushy raspberries from the box and store in the fridge. Raspberries are quite fragile and so should be handled with care. They are best eaten on day of purchase or one or two days later at the most. They are best eaten at room temperature so remove from the fridge one hour before serving. Raspberries freeze very well - spread a single layer on a tray and freeze until solid before transferring to freezer bags.

How to prepare raspberries:

Raspberries are very delicate so don't wash them under a running tap as they will become squashed. Pat them dry with kitchen paper.

Top photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash