Pan-Fried Brussel Sprouts with Chorizo {Best Sprout Recipe Ever}

I'm not fan of Brussel sprout fan, but I love them cooked like this way. Fresh Brussel sprouts pan fried with chorizo and braised in chicken stock makes them taste completely delicious. The chorizo adds so much flavour, but you could use bacon or pancetta instead.

Pan fried sprouts with chorizo.jpg

Fresh sprouts are a bit of a pain to prep but so worth it. Slice off the bottoms, peel away to top layer of dark green leaves and slice each one in half. They are in a different league to mushy frozen sprouts and they don’t have a bitter flavour at all.

The initial step of pan frying them gives them a bit of colour as well as flavour. The second step of braising them in stock cooks them through without reducing them to mush. They taste great reheated and served the following day, so a perfect side dish for your Christmas dinner.

Pan-Fried Brussel Sprouts with Chorizo {Best Sprout Recipe Ever}

  • Time: 15-20 mins start to finish

  • Cost: 25p per serving (based on 6 servings)

  • Calories: 84 per serving (based on 6 servings)


  • 100g chunk of chorizo, cut into small cubes

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 500g fresh Brussel sprouts, peeled and halved (peeled weight)

  • 500ml chicken stock (approximately)


  1. In your largest, widest frying pan, fry the chorizo on a low heat. Do not heat the pan up first, put the chorizo in the pan when it’s cold and gently heat it up. The fat will melt and the chorizo will cook and you will see the red fat coming away from the chorizo. This should take around 10 minutes. Place a double layer of kitchen roll onto a plate and tip the cooked chorizo onto the kitchen roll. put to one side for later. Removing the fat from the chorizo in this way makes the finished dish much less greasy.

  2. Heat the oil in the pan and turn the heat up. Tip the prepared Brussel sprouts and fry for around 5 minutes stirring frequently until the sprouts have a little colour all over.

  3. Put the chorizo back in the pan and pour over enough chicken stock to just cover the sprouts. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes until the sprouts are tender but still have bite.

  4. Remove the sprouts and chorizo from the stock using a slotted spoon and boil the remaining stock vigorously to reduce it until only 1-2 tablespoons of liquid remain in the pan. Tip the sprouts and chorizo back into the pan and stir well to coat the sprouts with the stock reduction. You can serve straight away, but if you wish to make them ahead and reheat them they will taste absolutely fine.