Little Green Pouch Review - Guest Post

Here's a little guest post from my friend Jaime, who runs Dindindies, the home of stunning party paraphernalia. She kindly reviewed these Little Green Pouch reusable food pouches, which are £12.99 for a pack of four online.

"When it was time to wean my baby girl I decided to invest in a squeeze station and pouches. I was under the impression the pouches were re-usable - my misunderstanding by the way - but they're not. I did try to wash and reuse them but this tainted the taste of the food on second use.

I was feeling rather disappointed with my fancy squeeze station knowing I would have to keep buying disposable pouches. Then I was asked to review these little gems - Little Green Pouches re-usable food pouches. I could use my squeeze station to fill them! I also tried filling them with a spoon as this is one of the ways Little Green Pouches recommends and it was easy with very little fuss.

When it was feeding time I warmed the pouch in a jug of warm water as normal with no problems. I found it easy to squeeze the food onto a spoon and feed my hungry little girl with no mess and no fuss.

As stated on the box, the pouches are dishwasher safe (yay!). I propped the pouch upside down over the tong bit in my dishwasher, trying to open the pouch as much as I could. It cleaned the spout really well but I did find there was still some mushy foodie bits in the corners of the base of the pouch. I gently used my small bottle brush (teat brush) as this was the only thing I found got in to those corners and it worked wonders. The pouch was ready for round two.

I was keen to know if using the pouch for a second time would taint the taste of the food like the non-reusable pouches I previously tried. I'm happy to say that the food tasted just as great as it did the first time. I’m very pleased with my Little Green Pouches and have been using them over and over again!"

Disclaimer: Jaime received a four pack of Little Green Pouches in return for an honest review. All words, opinions and photographs are her own.