Organix PUNK'D - healthy snacks for cool kids

Organix have launched a brand new range of snack food for older kids - Organix PUNK'D. Check out the video of Joshua and his cousins trying the 'cocoa & orange crash' and 'strawberry & vanilla smash' oaty bars.

With bold packaging and punchy flavours they are the first Organix snack food aimed to appeal to older children. However, they are still made in the same way all Organix products are - with organic ingredients, nothing unnecessary and nothing artificial.

The 'cocoa & orange crash' bars are simply made from wholegrain oats, sultanas, apple juice, cocoa and orange oil. The 'strawberry & vanilla smash' bars ingredients are just wholegrain oats, sultanas, apple, strawberry juice and vanilla extract. All simple good stuff.

Organix Punk'D Cocoa & Orange Crash

What do I think?

Organix is a brand that I have complete faith in so as a mum, I'm delighted with these new snack bars. They are super-healthy with no nasties. Also there's no refined sugar - they are naturally sweet from fruit. 

They taste delicious. I would happily eat them myself. I love both flavours but the cocoa & orange crash flavour makes me think of chocolate orange. The texture of the bars is quite uniform because the sultanas are blended. I like the oaty flavour.

My kids are always hungry so I love the fact that these are oat-based because they are more filling! They make a satisfying snack and because oats release their energy slowly it keeps them going for longer. They are also affordable - £2 for a box of 6 - or less (see right at the bottom). 

Organix Punk'D Strawberry & Vanilla Smash

What do the kids think?


"They're not too hard and not too soft - just right" said Luke, 10
"Not too crumbly so you don't make a mess" said Joshua, 7


"Really yummy" said Jacob, 6, on both flavours
"Just the right amount of vanilla - I really like them" said Luke tasting strawberry & vanilla smash
"Lovely and vanilla-ry, and tangy. I can taste strawberries!" Joshua added
"I really like these! They taste orange-y and chocolate-y!" Joshua said about cocoa & orange crash
"They are really tasty. They taste like chocolate orange" said Luke about the same flavour


"I like the star and the bold writing.... great wrappers" said Luke
"I like the turquoise and purple colours" said Jacob

Any favourites?

Jacob & Luke preferred strawberry & vanilla smash. Joshua's favourite was cocoa & orange crash.

Would you like them in your lunchbox?

A resounding "yeeessssssssss!!!" from everyone.

Organix Punkd Bars.jpg

Last month, Isaac and I went down to Organix HQ in Bournemouth along with some other bloggers. We were given a sneak preview of the new Organix PUNK'D bars. The head office is very cool, and the people who work there are lovely and very down to earth.

Organix Punk'D Launch - Group Shot.jpeg

Anna Rosier, managing director of Organix (pictured below), gave us some insight into the brand. I was interested to find out that Organix was founded in 1992 by a lady called Lizzie Vann. Her passion was to offer parents a healthier alternative to processed children’s food.

Emily Day, food developer for Organix (pictured below wearing glasses) explained the 18-24 month process of how a product goes from concept to shelf. Because Organix impose such strict guidelines upon themselves, such as only using organic ingredients and no artificial preservatives, development can be, in the words of Emily, crippling. However tough, they do not compromise their values, and as a result they are a brand that parents know they can completely trust.

I'm really excited about Organix PUNK'D. Finally, a healthy, affordable snack, which the kids love the look of as well as the taste of. They are currently available from Ocado and Amazon (you can buy them in bulk on Amazon at the moment - 36 bars for £9 - bargain). Eventually you will be able to find them in the snack aisle of the supermarket. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Words, opinions, product images and video content my own. Other images used with kind permission from Organix.