Brabantia WallFix Airer Review & Video #LoveNature

Brabantia are encouraging people to take a #LoveNaturePledge - a promise to dry laundry outside for 30 days to help the environment. Because they care about the environment,Brabantia plant a tree for free for every airer they sell as part of their #LoveNature campaign.

I was sent a Brabantia WallFix Airer to review. We moved 18 months ago into a house with decking instead of lawn. There was no place to put a hole in the ground for my rotary line, so a wall-mounted retractable washing line seemed like a good solution.

The airer was easy to install - Mr K drilled four holes for screws and mounted the line onto the wall. The screws heads were concealed neatly with plastic caps which came with it. When closed, the line is 107 x 16 x 15 cm in size so quite small and discrete.

The washing line can be used indoors and outdoors or in a carport or similar. A handy little cover clips over it when closed to keep the lines clean when not in use.

The washing line is super easy to open and close with one hand. There's a little handle at the front which you simply lift and pull to open up the lines, and click to lock them in place. Same to close it.

When open, there are 24 metres of nice and taut non-slip, UV resistant line. The longest outside line is 120cm long.

The airer is large enough to hang one family-sized load of washing. It has a maximum weight capacity of 20kg, so it's fairly strong.

When open, the line is approximately 180cm wide and deep. The kids can still ride their trikes on the decking underneath it because there's no central pole. It also makes a nice little shaded area for them to sit under in the sun.

The end of each of the three long arms has a specially designed hole for hangers. Perfect for jumpers and other items which can easily become out of shape when hung up.

The line is strong and sturdy. It's weather resistant and made of anti-corrosive materials. It's the usual great quality and design that you would expect from Brabanita. I would definitely recommend it for someone who has limited space but looking to dry their clothes naturally.

Do a #LoveNaturePledge - dry your laundry outside for 30 days. It's good for your clothes and the environment! It's also free and gives your laundry a lovely fresh smell.

Brabantia cares about the products it creates and the impact they have on people and planet. 

For every rotary dryer sold Brabantia & WeForest will plant a tree for you, for free. 

Since the start of the #LoveNature campaign in 2015, WeForest has planted more than 500,000 Brabantia trees

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All words, opinions, photos and video content are my own. Images used with permission from Brabantia.