10 Christmas No Junk Recipes

Here are 10 easy Christmas recipes you can make with help from your little ones. From a great alternative mulled wine and chocolate truffles to warm up your Christmas parties to cheese straw canes and Christmas biscuits to give out as gifts or to hang on your tree. They are not all super healthy, but being homemade you can be sure they are junk free. Enjoy! 

1. Christmas Chestnut Houmous 

Organix No Junk Christmas Chestnut Hummous.jpg

I love this festive twist on a staple from Organix, and it could not be more simple to make. Get the recipe here

2. Chocolate Truffle Christmas Puddings

Organix No Junk Christmas Chocolate Truffle Christmas Puddings.jpg

Kids can easily make these delicious Chocolate Truffle Christmas Puddings with you. They are also a great way to use up leftover or stale cake, which can be frozen and defrosted when needed for this recipe. 

3. Cheese Straw Christmas Canes

Organix No Junk Christmas Cheese Straw Canes.jpg

Using two types of flour, Organix have cleverly created some stripy Cheese Straw Christmas Canes. Tie them together with ribbon to make Christmas gifts or to hang from the tree. Get the recipe here

4. Almond Topped Filo Mince Pies

Organix No Junk Christmas Filo Mince Pies.jpg

These Almond Topped Filo Mince Pies are so easy to make and have around half the calories of a regular mince pie. Kids can help cutting filo pastry and layering it up to make star shapes as well as mixing and filling. 

5. Mulled Grape Juice

Organix No Junk Christmas Mulled Juice.jpg

This Mulled Grape Juice from eat like you love yourself is a wonderful alternative for mulled wine at Christmas, and it looks just like the real thing. I'm not so keen on soft drinks so I'll be brewing mulled grape juice when it's my turn to drive.

6. Christmas Pudding Fudge

Organix No Junk Christmas Christmas pudding fudge.jpg

This Christmas Pudding Fudge recipe from Ruth at The Pink Whisk makes a lovely gift for teachers at school and only requires five ingredients. Kids can help to cut it into squares and wrap it up.

7. Candy Cane Rocky Road

Organix No Junk Christmas Rocky Road.jpg

Katie from Feeding Boys and a Firefighter has a fabulous no bake recipe for Candy Cane Rocky Road. Requiring only a handful of store cupboard ingredients and 15 minutes of prep, it's a great one for kids to help with. It also looks very festive and impressive.

8. Cranberry and Orange Christmas Biscuits

Organix No Junk Christmas Biscuits.jpg

Perfect for hanging on a tree or giving away as gifts, this Christmas biscuit recipe from Organix is perfect for little chefs. Get the recipe here

9. Christmas Granola

Organix No Junk Christmas Granola.jpg

I love this Christmas Granola from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary - a Christmas twist on an everyday staple which is also super healthy too. How beautiful does it look in these jars with a bow on? Kids can also help as it's so easy to make.

10. Christmas Turkey Burgers & Parsnip Chips

Organix No Junk Christmas Turkey Burgers with Parsnip Chips.jpg

I like to think of Christmas Turkey Burgers with Parsnip Chips as a sort of Christmas dinner in fast food form! These homemade turkey burgers are full of festive flavours, super healthy and delicious. The parsnip chips make a lovely change as well. 


This post is in association with the Organic No Junk campaign which aims to help families to reclaim healthy eating by pledging their commitment to No Junk and to say ‘yes’ to healthy, natural and simple food for the family. Christmas is a great time to sign the pledge and join the conversation using hashtag #NoJunk.

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