25 Reasons to Love Organix on their 25th Birthday

Last month, Organix celebrated their 25th birthday. I was one of the bloggers invited along to Organix HQ to celebrate. We had a great time learning more about the brand and enjoyed a fabulous organix lunch and, of course, birthday cake.

I'm in my third year as a blogger ambassador for Organix on my own 'No Junk Journey' and I'm loving it. I have learned so much about healthy eating and making good food choices. So, in honour of turning a quarter of a century, here's 25 reasons why I love Organix.

1. Organix love making things better and want to help parents to make better food choices for their kids. The video says it all.

2. Their values were 'pure food, healthy babies, better world' when they were founded in 1992. The wording and branding may have evolved, but their values remain the same today.

3. Organix were the first company ever to make organic kids snacks. Up until 1992 there was no organic food on the market for babies, so it was pretty radical at the time. Today, 50% of kids and baby food on the market is organic.

4. Everything from Organix comes with their 'No Junk Promise' which means the ingredients are always organic, there's no unnecessary additives or preservatives, and the products are made at the very best standard for children's food.

5. Organix published their first sustainability report this year entitled 'making things better' which explains their plan to reduce their impact on the environment. Please read page three - A letter to the children of tomorrow - it's just beautiful.

6. Organix have a team they call the "food police" who make sure they stick to their own very high "no junk" standards. The standards they impose upon themselves are, in their own words, "crippling" but compromise is never an option.

7. It takes Organix literally years to bring new products onto the market, because of their self-imposed standards, and the research they put in. They spend a great deal of time listening to mums and dads finding out what they want.

8. Their apple rice cakes have saved my life about 100 times. All three of my boys were huge fans.

9. In 2016 Organix published a report entitled 'Engineering Taste' which explained the detrimental effect of processed food on children's taste buds. Reading this report helped us to get back on track food-wise, as a family, after an extremely difficult year. It's something I'm personally very grateful for.

10. They literally had the best birthday cake ever to celebrate their 25th birthday. The figures on the cake are characters from the 'goodies gang' you will see on packs of Organix Goodies.

11. Under that amazing fondant are layers of raspberry sponge, apple sponge and carrot cake. The flavours were inspired by some of the top selling Organix products. Check out the recipes here. They're utterly delicious and healthy too so ideal for a kids party.

12. The Organix Website has tons of brilliant healthy recipes for weaning and beyond. Their healthy homemade chicken nuggets are one of my go to recipes and their chocolate orange dates make great Christmas treats.

13. Aside from recipes, the Organix website has a wealth of other food information. There's load of tips on weaning as well as portion sizes, information about food additives, feeding toddlers, eating well in pregnancy and much more.

14. Organix were the first company to launch finger foods for babies. It's all about baby-led weaning these days, they were clearly ahead of their time.

15. Last year they launched the first products in their 'Punk'd' range for older kids - healthy oaty bars which look cool and taste good. The 'Cocoa & Orange Crash' ones taste like chocolate orange.

16. I love love love Organix for this! Because the World Health Organisation recommend weaning from 6 months, they have made the decision to change all the packaging on their stage one foods (baby rice, fruit puree etc) from 4-6 months to 6 months. They are the only company on the market doing this, so they may well be shooting themselves in the foot, but they care more about doing the right thing.

17. Organix are actually the people who inspired Jamie Oliver to revolutionise school dinners. In 2003 they published a report called 'Food for Life' which revealed how some catering companies were spending as little as 31p per child per day on food. Jamie got his hands on a copy and the rest is history. 

18. Their mini gingerbread men. Who doesn't love them? And you can do all sorts of cool stuff with them, like make them swim in a smoothie bowl, or add them to a freakshake. How cool does this Vanilla Beet Freakshake look? And it's healthy!

19. Ever wondered what happened to blue smarties? They disappeared after Organix funded research into the effects of cocktails of azo dyes. It was found they can cause hyperactivity. As a result products containing these cocktails must be labeled 'may cause hyperactivity in kids'.

20. Organix baby porridge is my favourite because it's the only one I have found that you have to mix with milk, rather than water. It doesn't have milk powder, which I prefer because it's a bit more natural.

21. Working for Organix is the best. Apparently they hardly have to recruit because no-one ever leaves. I love working for Organix as a blogger ambassador, and my kids have loads of fun along the way as well.

22. Organix actually don't make baby food - their foods are designed to go along side normal food, not a replacement. They encourage healthy, home-cooked food.

23. Organix Carrot Sticks make excellent crudités along with some chopped raw vegetables. It's something quick and healthy for kids which they love.

24. Organix carrot cake bars are my personal favourite of the range. I buy them for the kids but eat them all myself. 

25. Certain food outlets at Chessington World of Adventures are now selling Organix Goodies and also a healthy meal deal which includes two products from the Goodies range. So great to be able to get healthy snacks at a theme park. 

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This post is in association with Organix. Words and opinions are my own.