Lightening-Fast Leek & Ham Quiche

Here's a handy little quiche-making hack - swap the pasty for a tortilla wrap. Cuts out the faff of rolling, trimming and blind baking, plus it saves a few calories as well. This quiche has a delicious but simple filling made with yummy seasonal leeks, ham & cheddar.

Because this quiche is made with a tortilla wrap instead of pastry, there's only 10-15 minutes hands-on time - mainly preparing and cooking the leeks. You could leave out the ham for a veggie version and swap the Cheddar for Emmental, which gives an incredible flavour. 

This quiche is best eaten shortly after it's baked as the tortilla crust tends to go a bit soggy after a while. If you don't mind that, it makes a cracking packed lunch the following day.

Lightening-Fast Leek & Ham Quiche

  • Prep time: 10-15 minutes

  • Cooking time: 30-35 minutes

  • Serves: 2-4


  • 2 medium leeks, roughly 300g worth

  • 1 tbsp olive oil for frying, plus extra for greasing

  • Pinch of thyme

  • 1 large tortilla wrap

  • 60g smoked ham, sliced

  • 3 eggs, whisked

  • 125ml whole milk

  • 60g mature cheddar, grated

  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 C, gas mark 4, 160 fan.

  2. Top & tail the leeks, slice in half lengthways and chop into 1 cm slices. Place the chopped leeks in a colander and give them a really good wash under running water, separating the pieces with your hands as you do to ensure all dirt is washed away. Give them a good shake and pop onto a clean dry tea towel to absorb excess water.

  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the leeks for 5-7 minutes, stirring frequently until soft. Add a pinch of thyme to the leeks while cooking and season with a little salt and pepper.

  4. Meanwhile, take a 20cm round baking tin - one you might use to bake a sponge cake in. Brush the inside with olive oil and line with the tortilla wrap. Don't worry if the edges curl a little. Brush the wrap on the inside very lightly with olive oil.

  5. Spoon the cooked leeks evenly over the inside of the tortilla base of the quiche. Sprinkle over the chopped ham.

  6. Mix the eggs, milk and cheese together and season to taste. Carefully pour the mixture over the leeks and ham and use a fork to carefully stir everything together inside the tortilla wrap to ensure everything is well distributed.

  7. Bake for 30-35 minutes until golden brown. Best eaten warm after baking.

I'm entering this recipe into the British Leeks #lovemyleeks 2017 blogger competition.