Giving the Gift of Food

If you have a friend who has just had a baby, is recovering from an operation, or is just feeling a bit blue, forget flowers and chocolates - make them dinner instead.

Things to consider...

  1. Make something that will freeze just incase they need to pop it in the freezer.
  2. Make something which is easy and not too much hard work. If you have a tricky dish you may end up needing dinner cooked for you while you recover from the stress.
  3. Make something you enjoy to eat too, then you can make double quantities and you will have dinner for yourself at the same time.
  4. Make something rich and comforting. Forget salads.
  5. Make sure you check for any major household dislikes or allergies. This will prevent you accidentally making chicken satay for someone with a nut allergy.
  6. Make something easy to transport. You want it to still be in the dish rather than your boot when you drop it round.

Comforting meal ideas...

Beef Lasagne

Everyone loves lasagne. It's my number one choice for new-mum-chums as it's comforting and packed with iron. It's also great to freeze and easy to transport.

Time:  30 mins prep time + 30 mins baking
Cost:  £1.20 (based on 6 people)
Calories:  655 per serving (based on 6 people)


Beef and Tomato Stew

This is a fantastic family meal which everyone will enjoy. Turns inexpensive cuts of meat and a few basic ingredients into a feast. Great for freezing. Can be served with mash or dumplings.

Time:  20 mins prep + 2 - 6 hours cooking
Cost:  £1.42 per serving
Calories:  332 per serving


Tomato & Goats Cheese Gnocchi

This is a good vegetarian meal. It's also very quick to make, so if you are short of time this is a great one to try. It freezes well too.

Time:  20 minutes start to finish
Cost:  85p per serving
Calories:  436 per serving



Finishing touches...

I got this idea from Katie, who has a blog called Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. Simply tie a ribbon around the dish to make your meal into a gift. I like to wrap in brown paper or greaseproof paper as it looks a bit rustic. A gift tag which says what you have made and also some storing and re-heating instructions is also helpful.

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