Pastrami Salad Sandwich #CookOffBeforeKickOff

Warburtons are running a competition of their Facebook page to celebrate the 2014 World Cup. 'Cook Off Before Kick Off' challenges footie fans to share photos of their choice of match-time snacks for a chance to win prizes.

Here's my American style snack for the USA vs Germany match on 26th June - it's my take on 'Pastrami on Rye' served at the famous Katz Deli in New York - remember 'that' scene from When Harry Met Sally? It's filmed there!

Pastrami Salad Sandwich Table Shot.jpg

Mr Kay and I once ate there, a fair few years ago before the boys came along. The servings were enourmous - the steaming hot pastrami making up 90% of the sandwich, which was also served with mustard and pickles. It was delicious and all American.

My Pastrami Salad Sandwich is slightly lighter - spicy pastrami, tangy Swiss cheese, sour gherkins, juicy tomatoes and crunchy lettuce sandwiched between Warburtons deli thins (just 100 calories per serving) smeared with mustard. Perfect with a beer. Go USA.

Pastrami Salad Sandwich Ingredients.jpg

Pastrami Salad Sandwiches: 

  • Makes: 6 sandwiches
  • Time:  10 minutes
  • Cost:  £1.48 per sandwich
  • Calories:  289 per sandwich


  • Pack of 6 Warburtons Sandwich Thins
  • 6 teaspoons hot dog mustard (or extra if you like)
  • Around 18 slices of pickled cucumber or gherkins
  • 6 slices of Swiss cheese
  • 330g thinly sliced beef pastrami (around 30 slices)
  • 3 ripe tomatoes, sliced
  • 12 little gem lettuce leaves
Pastrami Salad Sandwich Method.jpg


Spread one side of your Warburton deli thin with mustard - or both if you love mustard. Place 3 gherkin slices on top of the mustard followed by a slice of Swiss cheese, 4-5 slices of pastrami, sliced tomato, lettuce and finally the second side of your Warburton deli thin. Slice and enjoy straight away.

Pastrami Salad Sandwich Family Shot.jpg

One last thing, I gave my boys (age 37, 5 and 3) some Pastrami Salad Sandwiches to try to see what they thought. Mr Kay loved them with a beer and ate several. The younger two enjoyed them minus the pickles, mustard and salad! Oh well, you can't please them all!

Pastrami Salad Sandwich

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