How I made scones for Debbie McGee and Paul Daniels

Yesterday I was invited to BBC Radio Berkshire as a guest on Debbie McGee's Sunday morning show along with resident expert foodie Audrey French. Growing up the 80's, I was an avid fan of The Paul Daniels Magic Show and particularly 'the lovely Debbie McGee', his wife and glamorous assistant. Her costumes were fabulous, blingy, and changed regularly throughout the show. For this reason I was *very* excited to meet her.

I was told to bring some goodies along with me, so I was up and baking at 6am, which is actually my usual wake up time thanks to my kind children. I made Scones with Strawberry and Basil Jam and a batch of Three Ingredient Cookies with walnuts and cinnamon as these to me are typical Gourmet Mum style recipes.

Audrey had made a fabulous lamb salad perfect for the summer. Imagine seared then diced lamb bathed in an Asian style dressing on a bed of rocket sprinkled with mint and pomegranate seeds. Wowzers, it was so special. She also made a butterscotch sauce for dipping strawberries in, a lovely idea for a picnic. We even had a pot each to allow for double 'dipping'. Genius.

Audrey also made a very clever, and tasty, dairy-free Cornish pilchard pate by blending tofu, tinned pilchards, a little lemon and horseradish. It was really delicious, and so healthy too, I'll definitely be making it as it didn't taste so 'fishy' so I'm sure the kids will make it.

Debbie was a fantastic radio presenter - she was warm and friendly and made me feel really at ease. The three of us chatted mainly about food, but I shared a little about how I got into blogging and how I won the Gourmet Garden Blog Off Cook Off earlier this year.

I was delighted that Debbie liked the scones so much that she even took them home to share with her husband Paul! Back in the 80's, sat at home in my jumpsuit watching Debbie and Paul on 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show', not once did it ever occur to me that I would one day bake scones for them.

If you fancy listening to the show, the podcast will be here for the next 6 days.