Walkers Mighty Lights Review

The summer holidays are flying by which means shopping for new school shoes and getting into the habit of making packed lunches again. I was delighted when three six-packs of Walkers Mighty Lights arrived in the post for us to try, as I'm always on the hunt for new healthy lunch box fillers.

Mighty Lights, essentially low-fat ridged crisps, are the latest creation from Walkers, and are now available in shops nationwide. They appealed to me immediately as they contain 30% less fat than standard crisps. They come in three flavours - roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted, and all the flavours are suitable for vegetarians. They are made from real potatoes and contain no artificial colours of preservatives. They're also a source of fibre - allbeit a small one at 1g - but nevertheless, a source.

Mighty Lights Collage Packs.jpg

What we thought…

Joshua, he’s nearly 5, happily munched his way through every flavour - not in one sitting I might add but given the chance he would have! ‘They are all my favourite’ he proudly announced when I asked him which ones he liked the best. I don’t normally give crisps to Daniel as he’s just 2 ½, but he happily munched a handful of the lightly salted flavour. Neither of them seem to appreciate the ridges, which I thought was a shame.

Mr Kay usually turns his nose up at anything that claims to be low fat, but he happily scoffed his way through a couple of bags after a squash game saying, with surprise ‘hmmm, they taste just like normal crisps’ between mouthfuls. His favourite flavour is cheese and onion but I could have predicted that as he just loves cheese and onions and cheese and onion crisps. Amazingly, he said he’s choose them over regular Walkers as they are more crunchy! He loves regular Walkers so I was really shocked.

Occasionally, more so during the school holidays, I am partial to a cheese and crisp sandwich. I certainly feel less guilty about this knowing the crisps are 30% less fat. I’m not a fan of cheese and onion crisps at all, so I didn’t even try them. The lightly salted are a bit too lightly salted for my liking (this is a good thing though as I am salt-crazy but I don't want my kids to be) and I’m more of a salt and vinegar fan. My favourite flavour is most definitely roast chicken. I actually really like roast chicken crisps because they taste like stuffing, and I really love stuffing. I also like the fact that they were not greasy at all and thick and crunchy. 

The best thing about these crisps? They are the perfect partner for dips! Ideal for scooping and they are thick and strong enough not to snap under the weight of the dip. Brilliant.

Mighty Lights Collage Joshua.jpg

The verdict…

The kids loved them just as much as regular crisps, the hubby loved them more than regular crisps and they're a guilt-free sandwich filler for me. I will definitely be buying them in place of other crisps in the future. I've seen them for just £1 for 6 bags in the supermarket at the moment, so I'll be stocking up. Now I just need to badger them to bring out a salt and vinegar flavour...

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