What has Gourmet Mum done? Christmas & New Year 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed your festive break? Ours was a quiet one with a minimal amount of travelling and a maximum amount of chilling. Here's some of the highlights:

Joshua's school nativity play - He played 'the shepherd who got stage fright' and ran off the stage before the first song had finished. I managed to get a picture of him in his outfit, with his baby brother in the background, which was a cleverly recycled pashmina.

Visiting daddy at the office - The boys loved to see where daddy disappears off to in the week. They climbed on him, answered his phone, ate his biscuits and ran all over the place.

Boys+Visiting+Daddy+at+work small.jpg

Drinking Whole Berry - One of the nicest wines in the world from Springfield Estate, Robertson, South Africa. Rich ordered a few, just for a special treat, just because it's Christmas (any excuse).

Christmas lunch at my sisters - We feasted on duck, pheasant and ham with all the traditional trimmings and more. Lovely lunch and lovely company. Bro-in-law, sis, nana, dad, mum and Rich are in the photo, left to right, I'm taking it and the boys were around somewhere...

Slow roast pork - I had the family round for lunch and made the most delicious 8 hour slow roast pork with homemade apple sauce, cranberry, apple and chestnust stuffing, steamed cabbage and roast carrots, parsnips and potatoes. Will post the recipe soon. Amazing.

Shopping in the sales and prawns gamberoni with Mr Kay - Mum had the boys and we hit the sales. We also had a lovely, peaceful, child-free lunch in a nice Italian restaurant. Bliss.

The Fantasic Five - for the first time, all 5 cousins from the Kay family were together! Left to right in the photos: John (7 months), Joshua (4) Luke (7) Jacob (8) and Daniel (nearly 2). All the cousins are boys (so far).

Christmas services - there was some great Christmas services at my church, three amazing Christmas services leading up to Christmas and a thanksgiving service just before new year. The music was fantastic and the messages relevant and inspiring. Great to remember the reason for the season.

My first (successful) meringue - which I made into a 2013 pavlova to eat on new years day! It's actually not that difficult, I will post the recipe at some point.

Spending quality time with Mr Kay - with over a week off work he was all ours to enjoy. We had lazy mornings, chilly walks and even a couple of meals out (with and without the boys). The boys and I think he is the best.