What has Gourmet Mum done? 8th October 2012

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

It's been a very busy last seven days in the Kay household as we're going to the Algarve for a sandy and sunny (late) summer holiday! We're all very excited, especially Joshua who really understands what going on holiday means now. However, with two small boys in tow there is much to pack, plan and prepare.

Beach in Burgau, Algarve

We seem to have sooo much stuff to pack. I have scaled down my wardrobe to a capsule (actually, the ladies who gave the demos in the TK Maxx lounge at BritMums Live! 2012 really helped me to be strict this year). It's the boys clothes, toys and necessary kit which has our cases bulging at the seams. Hubby keeps weighing the cases, furrowing his brow and muttering about the strict baggage allowance. I was hoping to sneak back a cataplana this year. Perhaps I can take it as hand luggage? Or wear it as a hat on the plane?

Foodwise, it's been a pre-holiday 'eat everything in the fridge week' this week. For some reason I had copious amounts of potatoes, spinach and leeks, so I made acres of fish pie (with some frozen fish pie mix - brilliant stuff that). We have been munching this along with pan fried honey-carrots (recipe coming soon as they were a hit) pretty much every night. Poor boys and hubby are all fish pied out.

My proper professional name badge at the Butlins Ambassador event

In between packing and eating fish pie, I went along to a Butlins Ambassadors event on Friday in London which was great fun. I'm one of 40 parent bloggers who are Butlins Ambassadors this year (2012-2013). I'll be checking out some of the food Butlins has to offer at it's resorts and I cannot wait. Watch this space for more on this!

My cool new shopping bag

It was a great event, I got to meet the other Butlins Ambassadors, feast on mini hamburgers and red velvet cupcakes, and have a sneak preview of some of the exciting things Butlins has in the pipeline over the coming months. They have just launched their brilliant new website

Scrummy red velvet cupcakes and very cool cake stand

I'm also rather proud of the fact that I won 'tweet of the day' for tweeting a rather embarrassing picture of myself hiding among the Ludo (Butlins dinosaur mascot) soft toys. Was totally worth it as I got to take home a bottle of Moet. Big thank you to Sarah for taking the photo!

It's a bit like 'Where's Wally'....

Have a lovely week everyone! Hopefully the next time I blog I will be in the sunny Algarve... yippee!

Sorry for showing off about that :)

Filipa x

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