What has Gourmet Mum done? 5th November 2012

Howdy everyone! 

Well... last week we were all struck with the horrible winter vomiting bug which has been going round. First Daniel, then Joshua, followed by me, and finally Rich over the weekend. The boys and I spent the entire half term in front of CBeebies with buckets close to hand. My washing pile grew, and my meal plan from last week pretty much went out of the window.

poorly boys.JPG

This is what a rock 'n' roll half term looks like.

Thankfully, Joshua was well enough to go to his buddy Levi's 3rd birthday party on Saturday morning which was at Kids 'n' Action soft play centre, Reading. It was our first trip to Kids 'n' Action and Joshua loved it. It's not like any other soft play centre we've been to before. It has the most enormous soft play area with a separate section for babies, a sports arena, dressing up and much more. The pièce de résistance was the huge 4 lane racing slide which Joshua went on repeatedly.

Joshua at Kids in Action.JPG

Joshua practically wore a hole in the slide.

Birthday boy Levis' mummy Jaime is the lady behind Dindindies party planning blog. She also has an Etsy Shop which specialises in printable bespoke party invitations and coordinating accessories at very reasonable prices. If there's anyone who knows how to throw a great party, it's Jaime. 

Jaime and Levi.JPG

Birthday boy Levi and his clever mummy Jaime

Jaime made Levi the most incredible birthday cake - a model of Little Einsteins Rocket! Not only did it look amazing, it also tasted delicious. Made of red sponge cake and iced with red buttercream icing, there was some very messy red-faced kids (and grown ups). I have heard reports of red poo since the party, but I will stop there.

Levis birthday cake.JPG

Little Einsteins Rocket cake. Tastes as good as it looks.

So, moving swiftly on, I'm having another attempt at my meal plan this week. Here's what we're having:

Monday - Easy Beef Chilli

It's bonfire night so we need to have something hot! I have some free time in the morning so I can make it then and leave it simmering for a couple of hours during the day. The boys will have a mild version, I just take a couple of scoops of mince out and pop it in a separate pan before I add the hot spices to ours.

Tuesday- Tuna and Sweet Potato Cakes

This week I discovered a brilliant blog, The Gingerbread Mum, packed with loads of great healthy and easy recipes for toddlers which adults can enjoy too. This is one of Anne's (she's the lady behind the blog) quick and easy recipes which we will be munching with salad, and the boys will have with baked beans. 

Wednesday - Sticky Maple and Soy Glazed Salmon

This recipe from Katie at Feeding Boys and a Firefighter was on the meal plan last week, but we didn't get round to eating it with everyone being ill. The plan is to have it with chunky homemade chips and peas.

Thursday - Spinach and Chickpea Burgers

This is our 'veggie' recipe of the week - I'm on a mission to ensure we have at least one meat free meal a week. They are delicious on burger buns with fried onions. Healthy too.

Friday - Easy Risotto with Chicken and Leeks

This really is a cheats risotto, no standing and stirring, and ready in 20 minutes. Cream cheese with garlic and herbs makes a good cheat. It's a brilliant quick and easy Friday night recipe which I know the kids will definitely eat as well.

Baked Goodies

This week I'll be baking a batch of chewy oat and raisin cookies and banana muffins for lunch boxes and treats.

Enjoy your week and stay safe if you're having fireworks tonight!

Filipa x