What has Gourmet Mum done? 29th October 2012

The past seven days I have been doing a great deal of washing for two reasons. The first being that we have just come back from holiday and had lots of sandy clothes (good washing). The second is Daniel decided to pick up a tummy bug and is throwing up lots (bad washing). Little ones don't know how to be sick nicely into buckets, they just open their mouths and Wooosh! Out it flows, all over you, the sofa, the bed, the floor and everywhere. Poor Daniel does not understand why I won't let him eat and drink so he's not speaking to me at the moment. Get well soon little man.

Happy birthday beautiful Yomi.

In-between washing and wiping, I managed to sneak off on Wednesday night with the girls to celebrate my friend Yomi's birthday. Yomi is responsible for some excellent but easy recipes on Gourmet Mum including Banana Flapjacks and Roast Butternut Squash and Feta Salad. It was such a great night, I was so tired but I felt great after hanging out with my buddies and having a few laughs. Laughter is good medicine isn't it? I was also impressed with the deal Laura managed to get for us (Laura is Izzy's mum, as in Izzy Skye Pie). For £10 we had a starter, a main and a drink at a nice pizza restaurant. Happy birthday Yomi and well done Laura for organising a fun and thrifty evening.

I have discovered nutella cookies. Life will never be the same again.

The highlight of my week has got to be discovering Nutella Cookies. One night (before Daniel was poorly) Melksham Mum tweeted me the recipe. You only need three ingredients to make nutella cookies, nutella, plain flour and an egg. These are ingredients that most people have in their cupboards anyway. It just so happened that I did, and I was itching to make them the moment I saw the recipe. Rich was out and Joshua was up late, having slept during the day...

So. What does every sensible parent do at 9pm at night with a nearly 4 year old who has got school the next day? That's right, you do baking. But not just any baking, you bake nutella cookies, and then you sandwich two cookies together with nutella, and then you eat them. Lots of them.

Does this look like a boy who is ready to sleep anytime soon?

Oh dear. This was a lesson I learned the hard way. Rich came home to a messy nutella covered kitchen and a hyper nutella covered nearly 4 year old. Ooops. It was nearly 11pm when I finally got Joshua to stop bouncing and tucked him up in bed. Then I had to clear up. Nightmare. However, it was so worth it to taste nutella cookies for the first time. If you have not tried them yet, check out the recipe.

Right, back to healthy eating...!

Now we're back from holiday back to the old routine it's time for us to eat sensibly and spend sensibly again. I find the easiest way to do this is to make a meal plan. So, if you're interested, here's what we're eating this week:

Monday - Tuna and New Potato Salad

Roast Baby New Potatoes in their skins, tuna, lambs lettuce, spring onion and black olives drizzled with olive oil. This is so delicious. The kids will have tuna and potatoes with peas.

Tuesday - Easy Beef Cobber

I love this as an alternative to cottage pie. I have some free time in the morning so I can make then and bake later.

Wednesday - Sticky Maple and Soy Glazed Salmon

Great salmon recipe by the lovely Katie at Feeding Boys and a Firefighter. Mix maple syrup and soy sauce. Coat salmon fillets, chill for an hour and bake. Could not be easier and so tasty. Served with chunky homemade chips and peas it's my current favourite variation on fish and chips. Kids like it too.

Thursday - Night Off!

I'm going out for dinner (woo hoo!) so I'll be leaving Rich with a Pizza (not homemade, which he will happily eat with piri-piri sauce we brought back from Portugal) and the boys will have fish fingers, chips and beans.

Friday - Spaghetti Amatriciana

Perfect for a Friday night, one of my favourite pasta dishes ready in 15 minutes. It's too spicy for the boys though, so they will have spaghetti bolognese from the freezer.

Baked Goodies

You can't go through the week without some sort of treat, so this week I will be baking Banana Flapjacks & Nutella Cookies, Banana Flapjacks are great for lunchboxes and Nutella Cookies are obviously my new favourite thing.

I'm linking my meal plan to Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday. If you need some inspiration for what to cook this week, check it out to see what other people are making.

Enjoy your week, and whatever you do, make sure you try the nutella cookies!

Filipa x

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