What Has Gourmet Mum Done? 26th November 2012

The past two weeks, the boys have been poorly again. That makes a total of them being ill, on and off with tummy bugs, for a whole four weeks. To say I have had enough of tummy bugs is an understatement. I have done more washing in the last month than I usually do in a year, and I am very, very tired. 

Rant over and onto something more cheery! I took the boys for a walk and we saw this outside someone's house:


Don't mind if I do...

So I ran off with the box. Just kidding! I had to push the buggy so would not have been able to carry it. Of course, I am kidding again. Joshua picked a couple so we could bake some yummy things. I thought it was such a sweet thing to see, I just had to share.

As he has been so poorly recently, as a treat, we took Joshua to the cinema for the first time on Saturday. We saw Madagascar 3. I clearly have not been to the cinema for such a long as the prices of everything seem to have rocketed. When did the popcorn become almost the same price as a ticket? And a ticket become the same price as a newly released DVD? Anyway, was so worth it to see his little face light up and hear him say 'Wow, a reeeeely big TV!' when he walked into, as he calls is, the 'super-ma'.

Joshua with popcorn.JPG

I clearly should be in the popcorn business

With the kids being ill again last week, I didn't even make a meal plan but I'm back on track this week! Here's what we're having. Check out Mrs M's blog for more weekly meal ideas:

Monday - Three Bean Chilli

It's a meat free start to the week with bean chilli, Mr Kay will be sad. However, it's very tasty, healthy and feed the four of us for about £3.

Tuesday - Sausage, Mustard Mash with Red Onion Gravy

It's just a simple tweak on sausage and mash that it makes it a bit special. Will get chilli sausages for grown ups and chipolatas for the kids.

Wednesday - Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup

Oh dear, no meat two days in a week? Don't worry Mr Kay, lentils make this soup very filling, plus served with naan and loads of fresh coriander will make it feel like 'proper' dinner.

Thursday - Yoghurt Parmasan Chicken

Check out Camilla's tasty family recipes on her blog Fab Food 4 All. She has loads of fresh ideas, and this is one of hers. It looks so tasty, and so simple I can't wait to try it. Salad and Roasted New Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary will go with it a treat.

Friday - Night Off!

I'm having dinner with the girls so it's pizza for Mr Kay and fish fingers and chips for the boys. I'm sure they will all be delighted.

Baked Goodies

This week I'm baking  Lemon Curd Maderia Cake from Fishfingers for Tea as I didn't get round to making it last time. I'm also doing some Oaty Apple Scones with the apples we collected.

Enjoy your week!

Filipa x