What has Gourmet Mum done? 24th September 2012

Welcome to a new feature on the blog 'What has Gourmet Mum done?', a little taste of the exciting things we have been up to in the week.

Last week was a busy one indeed!

On Monday, my little Joshua (well, he's really not so little...) started at his new pre-school. He looked super cute in his smart uniform and I was bursting with pride. He marched into his new classroom, turned around to me and announced "I'm going to school now mummy, you can go home and I'll see you later." I managed to hold back the tears as I left him and had a good blub in the car on the way home. He loves going to his new pre-school, I think mainly because he gets to take a packed lunch with him. He loves carrying his Lightning McQueen lunchbox. They grow up mighty fast these little ones.

Thursday was an exciting day at the head offices of Panasonic in my hometown, Bracknell. I have been chosen to be part of their Intelligent Living Mums project along with 9 other mummy bloggers. Expect to hear more about this over the coming months. I'm very excited about being on board, spreading the word about Panasonic's brilliant homecare product range. The day was really interesting and inspiring as we learned about Panasonic as a company and saw a few product demos.

John Hardy, Sales and Marketing Director, shows us Panasonic products past and present

It was very interesting to listen about the history and good ethics of Panasonic from John Hardy the Sales & Marketing Director. I believe good values bring success and longevity to a company which Panasonic, founded in Japan 1918, proves. They are committed to making products which make peoples lives easier. Did you know that their first product was a simple double adapter in 1918? Up until then people living in Japan had to choose between having light or having heat in their one-socket homes. Incredible how that would have changed people's lives.

Lunch at Panasonic - includes lots of delicious baked goodies from their breadmakers

The highlight of the day for me, apart from the breadmaker demo, was having lunch with fellow mummy bloggers. We enjoyed a selection of delicious freshly baked bread from the breadmakers with meats, cheeses and salads followed by banana bread and chocolate orange cake, cleverly baked in the breadmaker. I am a little bit crazy about my breadmaker, so was much inspired by the range of baked goodies on offer at lunch. Panasonic have a brilliant The Ideas Kitchen website, packed with recipes, tips, videos, blogs (including one by chef Daniel Galmiche) and product tutorials.

Paul guides Mari (from Mari's World blog) through her first breadmaker loaf

Thursday evening was the book launch of Hope and a Future at the Guildhall in Windsor. Hope and a Future is one of the best books I have ever read. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I am raving about it.

Hope and a future is the true life story of Pastor Wes Richards who tragically loses his wife of 29 years to cancer in June 2002, and the incredible events which follow. I don't want to give too much of the story away but I'll just say this - you couldn't make it up. 

Pastor Wes and his family are some of the loveliest and most down to earth people you'll ever meet. It was great to hear each of them speak at the book launch, they really model what it is to be family. The Mayor & Mayoress of Windsor paid tribute to Pastor Wes, as did former cabinet minister and author Jonathan Aiken, who wrote the forward of Hope and a Future.

Pastor Wes signing copies of his first book 'Hope and a Future'

On Saturday we went along to Waterstones in Windsor to get some signed copies. Hope and a Future was released on 21st September but Amazon sold out of copies the same day it was released! If you want to get your hands on a copy you can order from AmazonWHSmith or Waterstones. If you're looking for a book that's not only a good read but leaves you with something you're sure to enjoy. Make sure you have some tissues close to hand...

In the kitchen I have been making blackberry jam which is suprisingly easy and involves less fuss and fancy equipment than I previously thought. Check out the video if you don't believe me.

Have a lovely week everyone!

Filipa x

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