What has Gourmet Mum done? 22nd October 2012

This time last week we were basking in the Algarve sunshine enjoying the Portuguese beaches and food, much of which I wrote about last week. Needless to say I was feeling rather round as we approached the end of our holiday.

My three boys at the beach

Keen to take home some goodies, we took a trip to the daily market in Lagos where we bought some locally made piri piri sauce (this is the blow your head off stuff which Rich likes, I prefer mine), Algarvian honey and dried carob pods so I can attempt to make my favourite cake in the world, carob cake.

I discovered something rather cool in the supermarket - coffee in a carton! Perfect for sleep deprived mums on the go, you can enjoy a GalΓ£o(that's a Portuguese latte) in the same way kids might drink orange juice. Genius.

Coffee in a carton. Not to be confused with formula in a carton...

On Friday we boarded a plane bound for Gatwick. It was raining when we landed and it took us over 3 hours to get home on the M25 but after after 12 days in the Algarve nothing could bother me. I was very happy to have tinned chicken soup for dinner. Rich had pizza drowned with his newly purchased piri piri sauce. 

With cases barely unpacked we headed off to Bowood House the following day to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. Joshua loves his Grandma and he was very happy to sing happy birthday to her, loudly, in the cafe, while everyone was trying to have their lunch in peace.

Joshua and his grandma. Much naughtiness goes on when they get together!

Rich's brother Phill, his wife Michelle and their 5 month old baby boy, John, also joined us. I love my littlest nephew (I have three nephews and no nieces... so far we are an all boy family) and had not seen him since his dedication which was early September so I had lots of cuddles to catch up on! He is simply gorgeous.

My 5 month old nephew John. Cute or what?I love Bowood House - it's a brilliant place to visit with families. The house itself is beautiful to look around and part of it has a cute little shop where I bought a lovely heart-shaped notice board for my kitchen. The gardens around the house and the extensive grounds are stunning.

Bowood House and Gardens. Stunning, and not bad to access with a buggy.

They also have indoor an soft play area with a rather impressive ball pit, and a large adventure playground outdoors for older kids with some scary slides. The boys got muddy as anything playing in the adventure playground. I have loads of washing to do.

Have a lovely week everyone!

Filipa x

P.S. In other news I have reviewed a fantastic epilator which I took home from Panasonic a couple of weeks ago. If you pluck up the courage to read it (excuse the terrible joke) it's over on the lovely Laura's blog, The Life and Times of the Working Mum, a fellow Intelligent Living Mum.

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