What has Gourmet Mum done? 1st October 2012

Hola! Welcome to the second 'What Gourmet Mum Has Done?' your weekly report from the Kay household. This week was busy, but fun.

Rich's dad and stepmum, AKA Graham and Lisca, came to visit us for a few days. When they retired last year they moved to sunny Spain so they are in the UK for a month visiting friends and family. They brought us over a huge bottle of some cracking extra virgin olive oil (yes, that's all it takes to get me excited) and some little yellow Spanish 'correos' vans for the boys. We did some 'proper English' stuff while they were here, including trips to Windsor and Savill Gardens. We also made them some 'proper English' comfort food, Beef and Tomato Stew, Chicken in Cider and Apple and Blackberry Crumble. It was great to hang out with them, and it seemed like they brought the Spanish sunshine with them too, which was a bonus.

Graham and Lisca in Windsor. Can you spot the castle?

When Graham and Lisca left for the next leg of their journey, the sunshine left with them and it suddenly got very rainy. Luckily, the boys were treated to new wellies by their Spanish grandparents so had lots of fun splashing in puddles. 

I'm still getting the hang of this school run lark. How hard can it be to iron a uniform, make a packed lunch and get somewhere on time? Very. If anyone has any tips on how I can be more organised and not be the last parent to drop their child off, Joshua would love for you to advise me.

The weekend was time to party as Mr Kay and I were out two (yes two) nights in a row! A meal out at Crème one night with friends and then my friend Sue's 30th birthday party the next. Whoop whoop! 

Jaime, Christelle and me at Sue's 30th. Proof mums do go out.

As much as it is fun staying out late and partying with my buddies, it's soooo tiring! A combination of being over 30 and having kids who don't understand what it means to sleep past 6am is to blame for this I think. Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Enjoy your week everyone!

Filipa x

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