Tried and Tested: September 2014

This month we tried some delicious spicy sauces from a family run business just down the road from us in Reading. Chancham sauces and marinades are made in Britain using 100% natural ingredients from authentic Bajan and Sri Lankan recipes. We just love them.

Tried and Tested Sept Chancham Marinades.jpg

Chancham pepper sauce was originally created using a secret family recipe served in the Chancham Reading café, but when more and more customers starting asking for bottles to be filled to take home, a family business then evolved to meet the demand.   

Tried and Tested Sept Chancham Pepper Sauce.jpg

It has real depth of flavour and we just love it. It's really versatile and can be used in the same way as any other hot sauce, so you can add a to splash to spag bol, burgers, chilli, stir fries, soups and so on. We love it with cheese on toast, mixed up with mayo or blended with sour cream to make a spicy dip.  

Tried and Tested Sept Chancham Kebabs.jpg

Chancham marinades come in four varieties – Hot Jerk, Zingy Chilli, Spiced Tamarind and Mild Smokey. They are very versatile and there's lots of recipe ideas for the marinades on their website. We simply marinated some chunks of turkey breast threaded onto skewers in the Spiced Tamarind sauce before grilling to make the most delicious turkey kebabs. We were really impressed with the delicious, homemade flavour and we will certainly be trying out the other flavours. The recipe for slow roast hot jerk belly pork looks completely divine.

Tried and Tested Sept Fage Fruyo.jpg

I am loving these new Fruyo yoghurts from Fage - the people behind Total Greek yoghurt. Think chunks of fruit mixed with creamy fat free Greek yoghurt. They come in peach, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, lemon and blueberry. Cherry is my favourite but they are all really good. And only 137 calories per pot. 

Tried and Tested Sept John West Tuna Train.jpg

John West sent me some goodies to try which Joshua made them into a train! Aside from tinned tuna & salmon, they do lovely little tins of smoked mackerel and sardines which I whizz up with some lemon juice and soft cheese to make a quick healthy pate.  

Tried and Tested Sept John West Light Lunch.jpg

They also have some instant lunch products - 'light lunch' tuna pasta salads and 'steam pots' with flavoured cous cous. I have to say, these are definitely not products I would usually buy but I was really impressed with how tasty, healthy an filling they were.

Tried and Tested Sept John West Steam Pots.jpg

I'm really impressed with the new 'Infusions Tuna' - little tins of no drain tuna infused with flavoured oil. They come in five flavours - lemon & thyme, chilli & garlic, soy & ginger, coriander & cumin and basil. The flavours are great - nothing synthetic about them. One tin is just the right amount for one person. Ideal stuffed in a pitta for a quick, healthy tasty lunch.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products and decided to write about them because I like them.