The Importance of Planning

" 'n Boer maak 'n plan" is a South African saying which litrally means "A farmer makes a plan"

Busy mums should be making a plan! The truth is, they busier you are, the more organised you have to be in every area of your life. This will allow you to make the most of the free time that you do have!


Here are 5 good reasons to plan your weekly meals:

  1. You will ensure your family has a balanced diet
  2. You won’t waste food and money unnecessarily as you will not buy anything that won't get used
  3. You’ll have a more stress free week as food will be organised in advance
  4. Someone else can cook if you’re not around, and they will know what to make
  5. You can plan appropriate meals for appropriate days


Here's how I do it:

  1. Find out what everyone is going to be doing throughout the week, who’s going to be in and out on what nights.
  2. Plan to make appropriate meals on each day, for example if you know you will be home late one night, plan a quick pasta. If you know you will be eating out at lunchtime, maybe something light for dinner would be good. Consider cooking in bulk and freezing a meal on a particular day you have the time. Plan to eat a well balanced diet in your weekly menu, a good mix of vegetables, meat, fish etc.
  3. Then write your shopping list accordingly checking you have plenty of store cupboard items and herbs & spices.


It will take you half an hour a week and it makes so much sense!

Make life easy... be like the farmers and make a plan!

Filipa KayComment