Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off - The Semi Final

Hooray! We had made it through first heat and we were on our way to Albert Memorial Gardens in London to film the semi-final of Real Food Family Cook Off. I met my opponenet, the lovely Siobhan Kennedy-Hall and her Team, Box of Frogs, who were her son Toby and his girlfriend Vicky.

The first round was comfort food and we'd both chosen a pasta dish. I was doing Spaghetti and Meatballs with a Creamy Roast Red Pepper and Tomato Sauce and Siobhan was doing Peppered Steak Stroganoff. I felt really excited to be back in the outdoor kitchen and hoped that judge Ainsley and guest judge Jenni Falconer would love the meatballs as much as we did. (I had practiced all sorts of combinations with different meats!) I had a quick spaghetti masterclass with chef Alan beforehand so I could plate spaghetti like a pro, and my mum got some pepper-peeling tips from chef Sam. I learned so much from Annie Stirk and her team, it was a real privilage to work with them.


The first cook off went great apart from forgetting to add mustard to the meatballs (no-one seemed to notice and I kept it to myself!) I took a bit too long plating up, fussing over my spaghetti to get it just right. We ended up throwing the meatballs onto the plate with our hands! However, we scored 15 and were in the lead by 3 points! Yeah!

The second round was family favorite desserts. There's a dessert on my website for Eton Less which is my low fat healthy version of Eton Mess. It's really popular, so I decided to base my family favourite dessert on that one and I went with Plum Eton 'Less' with Portuguese-style almond biscuits. Unfortuntely we overdid the plums a bit so got marked down a bit for that, but it looked really pretty, and even though Siobhan's Cheat's lemon curd syllabub with coconut wafers scored higher, we were through to the final by one point. I really couldn't believe it.


So back home for more practicing and waching up!! I was really over the moon that Gourmet K had reached the final, I felt really proud of my mum and Rich for doing so well and I felt chuffed too as I had never thought I would get this far when I first applied! Was also great to meet Siobhan and her family.

If you missed the semi-final you can still watch it.

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