Filming for British Turkey with Phil Vickery

A couple of weeks ago, Phil Vickery and I filmed some turkey recipes for British Turkey. Together, in front of the cameras, we cooked four of Phil's yummy turkey recipes at the Howard Shooter studios in London. 

Howard Shooter studios

It was amazing to film in a real studio. Three cameras pointed to a corner of the room which looked just like a home kitchen. Everything was filmed in one take and we made the recipes in real time. I picked up lots of tips seeing how professional video shoots are done and how the food is styled.

Shots of Phil's yummy recipes taken on my phone on the day.

All of Phil's recipes were so delicious, I couldn't possibly choose a favourite. The cooking was simple and real and the food very natural and not over-styled. I think it is great that people can see how the food really looks in the videos, because that's how it will turn out when they make it at home (hopefully!).

Me and Phil Vickery, my new buddy.

I was quite nervous about filming with Phil, I mean, it's hardly what you do everyday! Any nerves I did have soon went away as Phil is just lovely. He's very relaxed, down to earth, great fun and easy to work with. His recipes are delicious, healthy and easy to make at home.

The first video is released on 19th March. I will share it on the blog then. Exciting stuff!

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