What Has Gourmet Mum Done? 8th April 2013

This week we took a trip down to Plymouth to visit some of Rich's family. It was brilliant to stay with his lovely aunt & uncle, who fed us the best chicken pie and roast potatoes. The highlight of the trip (apart from the chicken pie) was visiting Rich's 95 year old grandad. We have taken Joshua to meet him when he was a little baby, but never Daniel. It was a very precious moment to see all the boys together.

Rich and the boys with his 95 year old grandad.

It was slightly stressful letting the two boys loose in grandad's place. Joshua used his zimmer frame as a climbing frame on wheels while Daniel made a beeline for a bowl of Quality Street. I think I left with a few extra grey hairs, but it was so worth it to get photos and videos of the boys with their great grandad.

Joshua had a bit too much fun with his great grandad's zimmer frame.

We also got to spend some time with Rich's cousin, and meet his lovely wife and adorable baby girl for the first time. They kindly brought us back some foodie goodies from their latest trip to France (his wife is French and a real foodie). My favourite item had to be the jar of salted caramel butter. It is the most divine stuff. It might have even taken over nutella as my favourite pancake filling.

Pancakes filled with salted caramel butter. Words fail me.

Then came the Easter weekend - hooray! Four days off to enjoy with family. Not for me unfortunately. Mr K was in America with work and the boys decided to throw up in the night. Aggghh! No sleep, much puke, much washing and no chocolate eggs. Thank goodness my mum was around to help!

My mum having a cuddle with the boys. They were much better after that!

Easter wasn't all that bad though. I did get to make my debut radio appearance on Easter Monday. I was on BBC Radio Berkshire on Mike Read's show. I was on a slot called 'My Favourite Things' so, as you have probably guessed, we chatted about some of my favourite things.

Best Easter Monday - was a guest on Mike Read's radio show.

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Filipa x

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