What Has Gourmet Mum Done? 25th March 2013

One thing I never get the chance to do since I had the boys is go to the cinema. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's because the films end quite late and I need to be up at the crack of dawn with my early boy-ds. Maybe it's because by the time I end up organising a trip, the film I want to see it out on DVD.

Anyway, this week I bucked that trend and went with my mum to see Les Miserables. We munched our way though a large bucket of popcorn and sobbed our way through a few packets of tissues. It was good girly fun.


 No, we're not on the set of the borrowers, the popcorn really is that big.

This week I also reached the grand old age of 30 (cough cough) something (cough). As Mr K was away some of my buddies came over with plates of food and we had a semi-grown up dinner party. My friend Christelle baked the most delicious chocolate cake. When asked for the recipe, she had to admit she had a little help making the cake from a lady called Betty Crocker. Yep, it was a packet mix. I never would have believed a packet mix could taste so good. It was the super chocolately one which needs three eggs apparently.


Don't be dissing Betty Crocker. She makes exceedingly good birthday cakes.


When Mr K returned he took me shopping for the day (wow, it must be my birthday, he hates shopping) and then for a slap up meal at a really nice gastro pub in Bray, The Green Oak. The food is lovely and the place is beautiful, perfect for a special occasion. I had the duck with plums, mash and red cabbage, rich had the snapper with erm... I was too busy munching to notice. Red wine and time out. Very good indeed.


Birthday Dinner at the Green Oak. Almost made me forget how old I am now.

The older I get the happier I get. Does it stay this way?

Filipa x

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