Birthdays and Bandages

My little Daniel turned two last week. He celebrated quietly with his right hand in a rather big bandage.

Birthday boy and his best buddy bear.Four days before his birthday he managed to trap his middle finger in a fire door. Big Ouch. Much blood and crying was followed by a trip to A&E. After an x-ray and a consultation with a plastic surgeon I was told he needed an operation the called a nail bed repair. The finger was not broken but the nail (including the part you can't see under the skin) had pretty much come away completely so needed cleaning up and stitching back in the right place so it would grow properly in the future. Being two and extremely wriggly meant he needed a general anaesthetic to enable this to happen. I'm not sure who was in the bigger state of shock, me or the little man.

Shop bought cake this year.Two days later we were back at Wexham Park Hospital at 7.30am ready and waiting for Daniel to have the operation. As it was a general anesthetic he was not allowed to eat any breakfast, so after a few hours he was a little grumpy (probably with me as I didn't feed him). When he went down to theatre I had to restrain him while the anesthetist held the gas mask over his mouth and nose. While having a good cry, he deeply inhaled the 'sleepy air' which slowly made him floppy and sleepy. He was fast asleep in about 30 seconds, which felt like ages, then they lifted my baby, and his bear onto the table. Daniel and his bear were wheeled into theatre, and all I could do was wait, and pray. That 45 minutes seemed like forever, I was really glad Rich was there as I paced the ward waiting for them to call us back.

It's definitely this hand.Finally they called me down I was reunited with my little man in recovery. He was grumpy, sleepy and disorientated, but as I cuddled him and spoke to him he calmed down. It was so good to see him in his little tiger dressing gown, I had missed him so much in that 45 minutes. His little hand had a new bandage and his bear also had his right paw bandaged to match. I loved that the surgeons had done that.

A couple of hours later, after he had been fed and watered, he was running around like nothing had happened. I was relieved to be the other side of that operation and amazed at how quickly things seemed to be back to normal. We were discharged about 4pm, collected Joshua from his granny and our little family was reunited again. It felt like such a blessing for us to be all together in the car, not something you think everyday. 

After being starved for 18 hours, toast never tasted so good.I wanted to share this because I felt that day brought so much perspective. I saw some other children who were much more poorly than Daniel in they ward and were not going home that day. As a mum you cannot help but be moved by the plight of someone else's child. It made me realise again what really constitutes a problem, and what really does not. Very humbling and a huge reality check.

Sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down in the minor details of life and take important things for granted. My mum always says, when you have your health, you have your wealth, and she's absolutely right.

New birthday toys.

Next time my boys decide to drive me crazy hopefully I will come back and read this to remind myself to be grateful - grateful they are well enough to drive me crazy, and grateful I'm well enough to deal with it!

Massive thank you to all the amazing staff at Wexham Park Hospital Children's Ward and Children's A&E. I don't know how you manage to do all you do, let alone with a smile on your face and with genuine care.

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