Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off - Backstory Filming

So not long after we found out we had got through to the final eight of Tesco Real Food Family Cook Off we got a call to say that a film crew would be coming to do some backstory filming. This involved us being filmed cooking and eating a meal at home as a family, and also taking a shopping trip to Tesco and being filmed shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, as a family.

The only option was to do a BBQ, it was literally the hottest week of the year, plus my whole family (myself Rich and the boys, my mum, dad, nana, my sis and her hubby to be Olly) would not squeeze inside the lounge. This wouldn't have been a problem apart from one of the fences in out back garden is made of chicken wire (long story) and is has become the grave yard for DIY mistakes (think bits of skirting cut too short, bricks, tins of paint, you name it) since we moved in 7 years ago. It posed serious health and safety issues when I had fellow mummies and Joshua's buddies over (the 'step' made from un-cemented bricks leading from the lounge to the garden was particularly bad) so the film crew coming was the kick up the butt we had needed for a long time.

When Rich gets focused on something, he makes it happen, and happen quickly. Within days a huge area of decking had been laid with the help of our wonderful neighbours Wid, Pete and especially James, who worked all night to get it finished. My sister came over teh day before and together we shifted the DIY rubbish and even put a few bedding plants in. My mum scoured and sanitised the kitchen and we hid all large imposing plastic colourful toys upstairs. The finishing touch was a bargain 6 seater patio set from Wilkinson. Hooray - everywhere looked great! Apart from the chicken wire fence, but hey, they could point the camera the other way...

I was actually really nervous about a film crew coming to our house but I needn't be. Two lovely people, Matt and Rachel from the production company arrived with one camera and some microphones. They really were both so helpful, patient and friendly. They did all they could to bring the best out of us, and didn't make a fuss when we made mistakes, which we did lots! It was a roasting hot Sunday in July and the first part of the filming was me cooking in the kitchen. I prepared food while answering various questions, and found it really hard to do it simultaneous. I ended up chopping up loads of courgettes that I didn't need and burned the chicken which was being partly cooked for the BBQ. In fact, the food was an absolute disaster, possibly the worst meal I have ever made, but Matt and Rachel were so sweet and said how nice it was.

When we had finished lunch, Rich, Joshua and I drove to Tesco for the second part of the filming. Unfortunately Joshua nodded off in the car on the way there and was like a bear with a sore head when we woke him up. The only way we could cheer him up was by feeding him fruit flakes, which looked a bit out of place with us strolling down the fruit and vegetable aisle filling up our basket with fresh greens. The fruit flakes, and grumpy Joshua, made the final cut!

So a huge thank you to our brilliant neighbours, my family for helping clean and eating the disastrous lunch, and to Matt and Rachel for being patient, kind and lovely on one of the hottest days of the year! They also did a brilliant job of the final video, which you can watch here.

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